Round table Beyond the Borders: Women in Contemporary Documentaries and Visual Arts

Ноябрь 28, 2018

The round table Beyond the Borders: Women in Contemporary Documentaries and Visual Arts was a part of the 11th independent documentary film festival in New York RUSDOCFILMFEST-3W (New York, November, 19-21, 2018)

The Eleventh Annual RusDocFilmFest-3W, an independent documentary film festival, took place on October 19-21, 2018, at the DCTV Center (87 Lafayette St., Manhattan), and the School of Visual Arts (SVA; 136 W. 21st St., Manhattan). In the past years, this festival has screened over 230 documentaries made in Eastern Europe and the United States. RusDocFilmFest-3W features a unique representative list of contemporary documentary films, including numerous works by laureates of international film festivals. This year’s program presented a broad spectrum of aesthetic and cultural discourses. (see:

The program Beyond the Borders started with the presentation “50 Years in American Documentary Film” by American filmmaker Keiko Tsuno, and included a retrospective screening of her classic The Story of Vinh (1994).

It is impossible to imagine contemporary American non-fiction cinema without works made by Keiko Tsuno, Emmy laureate, Grand Prix winner at the Tokyo Video Festival, National Education Gold Apple awardee. She was there at the inception of American documentary film as part of the generation that formulated the main principles, methods, and aesthetics of documentary movie making in the USA. Keiko Tsuno’s vivid and bitingly relevant work continues to submerge the viewer in the main problems of contemporary society.

Keiko Tsuno’s film tells about the consequences of the Vietnam War for Americans and Vietnamese. Her documentary is especially relevant today, in the context of the new immigration policies of the United States under President D. Trump.

The program Beyond the Borders also included two screenings of new documentaries by American film-director Sarah Khaki (film Facing the Mirror) and Russian film-director Lidia Sheynina (film Harmony, Grand-Prix at the International film festival Message to Humanity, Russia) reflecting the important themes of modern civilization: women’s civil rights, child adoption, poverty, and war-crime.

Beyond the Borders: Women in Contemporary Documentaries and Visual Arts

Moderator: Nadezhda Azhgiknina

Participants of the panel discussion were: Helena Goscilo, Ohio State University – author of well-known works on the problems of the women’s movement; Lucy Kostelanetz – director, Vice-President of the Flaherty Seminar (USA); Nadezhda Azhgihina – Vice-President of the European Federation of Journalists, co-founder of the Free Word Association, and the Russian Independent PEN; Mary Dore – producer and author of “She is Beautiful When She is Angry” (USA); and Keiko Tsuno – filmmaker and director of DCTV (USA).